Reasons Why You Should Choose The DVD Amaray Case

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Reasons Why You Should Choose The DVD Amaray Case

Post  skygirl on Tue Mar 20, 2012 8:28 am

At long last your dream of shooting your own film came true. Almost everyone who viewed it on the big screen loved your film and now you cannot wait to release it on DVD for the whole world to see. But now you have one more thing to think about-the packaging of your DVD. You want it to look presentable without spending too much.
As an owner of a CD manufacturing company, I highly suggest that you choose the standard in packaging your the walking dead dvd set. There is a reason why it is the standard-it is tried and tested thru time and nothing still beats it.
The DVD Amaray case is exactly like the usual case that holds your rented DVDs and the ones that are commonly found in stores. It holds one CD or DVD and has a clear plastic film that holds the artwork insert. The is made of recycled polypropylene material and features a secure lock to ensure that the DVD would not slip out of the case. It measures approximately 7 1/2" Height x 5 1/4" Width x 1/2" Depth.
The DVD Amaray case is our best-seller and here are some of the reasons why:
Durable. The DVD Amaray case is definitely more durable than the thin paper the walking dead first season dvd cases around. It is made of sturdy plastic and is designed in a way that when someone accidentally sits on it or when something heavy falls on it, it wouldn't break easily. And if it would, the DVD inside it is still protected because the thick plastic has to break before the DVD gets scratched or broken. The DVD wallets and other cases made of thin paper have less protection compared to the DVD Amaray case. When someone accidentally sits on it, there is a huge chance that the weeds season 7 dvd inside gets broken or destroyed.
Cost-effective. Because the DVD Amaray case is the most commonly used of all the DVD cases in the market, it is no surprise that it is also the cheapest. If they are produced in large quantities worldwide, the price per item becomes lesser. Compared to the next cheapest DVD case, the weeds television series dvd Amaray case is cheaper by 10 cents.


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